Let’s face it, revenue (profit) is why you have an online store, and the more profits the better. Running a store on WordPress feels like you’re constantly testing new things, and if you haven’t done it before, you can be leaving a lot of money on the table if you haven’t optimised your store.

WordPress can be an art, I have written this article to help you squeeze every last cent out of your store visitors. It doesn’t matter if you have a small store with sales of only $100/daily or a large store with more than $100/daily, optimising your customers experience is important.

Did you know? The average WordPress store has only 1.89% conversion rate. I know you can do better. On average most of the stores I have worked with see conversion rates of 2.39% – 4.25% and I believe you can as well.

Disclaimer: ShopSupport are not affiliated with the apps below, we do not get any revenue share from this article. 

Frequently Bought Together 

Best with high volume stores, and it’s easily one of the most profitable I have seen. FBT analyses purchases from your store and automatically creates a list for your customers. I have seen 5-13.5% additional revenue from this app. One of our customers turned this service off and couldn’t figure out why they lost more than 12% of their revenue. After some searching, I found that FBT added almost $8k to their daily sale volume.


One part email marketing machine and one part widget optimization that increases customer lifetime value. Essentially this product is an email re-marketing tool that really works! Another alternative is Klaviyo https://www.klaviyo.com/


AI-based product recommendation tool used by WordPress Experts all over the world. Effortless to set up and does wonders on increasing revenue per product view. I have seen an incredible $3.89 per page visit when compared to $0.91 without it. In some cases, I have seen an overall conversion rate of 9.89% compared to 2.01% without it.


SMS retargeting that sends customers an SMS after performing specific actions within your store or after they add something to their cart. It’s inexpensive, I have seen in a few circumstances, it’ll generate from 225% – 600% Return on investment. It sounds amazing, but it’s not for every type of product or store.


Social proof is one of your most essential tools to improve conversion rates. People buy from stores they trust. Yotpo is fantastic for your brand and it’s free! It automatically collects reviews from your customers, and allows you to remove negative reviews you don’t want to show. It’s hard to quantify the ROI, however, I have recommended it for some time. Our customers are happy with it. An alternative is feefo 

Discounted Upsells 

It generates a pop-up after someone purchases and offers a discount. I love this application,  in many cases it generates an additional 10% – 15% increase in sales. I recommend for you to  create a “Buy X for Y% off upsell”, I recommend setting your discount to at least 15-17%.


Ever wanted to see what other stores are selling and how to attack other niches? With ShopInspect you can easily spy on your competitors and create your super niche. With their  Wordpress Store and Product search tools, you can spy on other stores more efficiently.


WordPress is an evolving ecosystem, not every app or service we have recommended will work in every case. I have seen some applications decrease conversions and affect your overall performance. My recommendation is to try one app at a time, and for long enough. This will ensure you have enough statistical significance to be cofident in your decision.  

If you’re looking for help with your WordPress store, feel free to drop us a line, we are always happy to help.