A simple, effective and reliable method of backing up your WordPress Store.

Why Backup Store?

You’re one mistake or hack away from downtime and lost revenue. 

While WordPress cares about the safety of your data, your data can still be lost. One of your employees could accidentally delete data, overwrite data or even release poorly designed code. Malicious activity is one of the leading causes of data loss. If your hosting subscription was to lapse or was to be maliciously cancelled, all your data could be lost. Backing up your data is as essential for business as backing up your computer’s data.

Reliable WordPress Backup & Recovery

Shop Support is a perfect back up for your WordPress data. Reduce your sites downtime in case of data loss. You’ll always have access to your data even if your account is offline or closed. 

Reduce innocent mistakes

There are many common mistakes that cause catastrophic data loss on the WordPress platform. It can be simple as deleting a product collection, poorly written code, poorly executed theme updates, accidental file deletion and many more.

Recover from malicious attacks

Do you think your store is too small to attract malicious attackers? Over 34% of malicious attacks are from internal employees. This can be a disgruntled employee or contractor that deletes your data or holds it hostage.

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