ShopSupport helps Wordpress site owners to update, optimise and customise their Wordpress powered  websites.

If your business is running on Wordpress and you need better results with your website, then we highly recommend optimising your Wordpress website. 

What is Wordpress? It’s a simple online service that gives you all the tools you need to set up and manage your website and with little capital outlay. It comes with prebuilt themes and designs that can get your website up and running in no time. Wordpress is easy to set up and start in hours. 

WhileWordpress makes it easy to get started with your online journey, it’s only the beginning for many business owners. Getting your website working optimally takes time. And while many people who want to sell on Wordpress have the skills to make great products, unfortunately, they do not always have the time or expertise to optimise their website for more conversions or make slight coding changes for events or special holidays. 

We recommend Wordpress because it’s easy to get going and very scalable. Over the years, we have worked with other platforms like Joomla and Droopal, and they cannot keep up with Wordpress. It gives you the flexibility to scale when your website has more visitors and removes the headaches. 

Since Wordpress is easy enough to get started, how dows Shop Support come into the scene? We are your Wordpress technical support team; we provide general support & problem solving, we make sure your website is converting customers optimally. We also speed up your website and take care of any technical issues that may arrise with our 24/7 Wordpress Helpdesk.

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