In this time and age where almost every contemporary business has IT services managed by a third party, the relationship between the company and the managed service provider must be stable on both sides to ensure maximum proficiency and long-term prosperity.

Hence, it’s necessary to deduce if your business is actively thriving by the solutions proffered by your MSP or worsening.

If you’re doubtful of your current MSP, our six red flag signs will help you determine if it’s time to let go of your MSP or work on the relationship, including cues to get the right one.

1. Are They Providing the Most Current Technologies For Your Network?

If your company’s network isn’t scaling up to the current trends in the world of digital business, like Microsoft 365, it might be time to consider a switch in MSP. Your IT MSP should always stay alert for any necessary cloud backup. If your company lacks these necessities, then it’s time to question the expertise of your MSP.

2. Are They Keeping Up to Their Reputation? 

 Do the reviews from their site contradict their actions in your company? If your MSP’s reputation doesn’t tally with the effort they put into your company, then there’s a possibility your MSP won’t be favorable to your company’s productivity.

3. Is Their Customer Service Working for You?

Does your MSP lag in communication? Do you always have to notify them of important issues like a system crash? What does their response look like? Monotone? Unfriendly? Or worse, no answer. If that’s the case, you need to drop those MSPs fast and switch to a new one.

At Iconic IT, we believe in giving our clients a satisfactory customer service experience.

4. Are They A Real Partner and Trusted Consultant Or A One-Off-Job MSP?

The best partnership thrives on trust and transparency. If your MSP keeps making decisions without consulting you, it shows a lack of clarity on their part, which can harm a business. A good MSP should always carry the company along with its decisions and strategies.

5. Are They An Advisor And Consultant Or Simply A Service Looking For The Bucks?

A good MSP should always re-strategize your network to the changing technology’s pace, expanding its abilities to grow and boost its goals. If you notice your company is lagging in productivity, it’s clear your MSP isn’t putting inefficient work into making your company’s success a priority.

6. Is Your It Managed Service Provider Upfront?

 If the service level of the agreement your MSP presents isn’t straightforward, chances are your company is going to be manipulated to their preferences. Bounce off that MSP and get one who puts your company’s budget and needs first.

If your current MSP takes off the question mark to every question, it’s time your company switches to a new MSP worth your company goals. You don’t have to look far; at Iconic IT, we show you how IT MSP services should be delivered.