In general, self-hosted WordPress website are fast and snappy, but this is when WordPress is brand new out of the box. When WordPress is unique, it doesn’t have a lot of content or features (plugins) activated. Even the most basic WordPress website can get away with your run-of-the-mill $5/mo WebHost. It’s only when you start installing themes, plugins and modify the code, you’ll notice that your once blazingly fast Website, is taking an eternity to load.

This isn’t WordPress’s fault, it’s like running the latest Windows 10 operating system on a PC from 1995, and you wouldn’t do it.

In this blog, we have covered four ways you can speed up your site relatively quickly. If you have any questions about how you can do some of these changes, please contacts us for an obligation-free chat. 

Before we begin, how fast is your Website?

Before we go into too much detail, you should get a baseline of your speed. Google has a free tool that will help you understand how you can improve your Website

1. Is your Website located near your users?

Where are your users based? If you have a site that targets people in New Zealand, why would you host your Website in America? Your $10/mo WebHost may feel like a bargain, but if you aren’t serving your users close to home, your speed will suffer.

2. Is your server performing unnecessary tasks? 

If you have a lot of users visiting your Website, by default, WordPress has to recreate the webpage every time a user visits. This means that your web server is working overtime to create webpages that haven’t changed since the last user arrived. There is a lot of great Cacheing plugins available. 

I recommend WP Fastest Cache.

3. Are you protecting data & speeding up traffic with a content delivery network (CDN)?

To get a noticeable boost, you should enable a CDN and quickly test each critical section of the site to see if it breaks anything. This will improve the time it takes for a user to download assets. 

Try Cloudflare; it’s free, fast and easy to setup. 

4. Too many plugins? 

In general, most websites have A LOT of plugins. On average, most WordPress sites have up to 49 active plugins and up to 26 out of date plugins. 

You should evaluate each plugin, is it being used, and if it is, how vital is it? If it’s nice to have, delete it. Once all the quick wins have been removed, then go through and disable all plugins, and load up the site, noting how fast/slow it is, progressively turn on each plugin and repeat. This will confirm which plugins are causing the load time.

Final thoughts on how to speed up your WordPress website…
I have given you some easy wins that can dramatically speed up your WordPress website. Every Website is different, and it can take days to optimise your Website.

One of my clients has a website that serves 30K-80K pageviews every day. The Website is very fast and snappy. What’s crazy about this is, they are using a budget Webhost ($15/mo), they are using Cloudflare to significantly boost their website.

To get your WordPress site as fast as possible: you need to understand its purpose, how users interact with it, what features and functionality you need, and then you can start looking at the best options for your WordPress website.

If you need help, feel free to contact us, and we can give you some obligation free advice.